Services: Direct-Hire Placement, Retainer Searches, Contract Recruiting and Outplacement

Business Services from Steffan & Co, Inc.


Direct-Hire Placement

A flat rate of 20% on all positions and a 90-day replacement-only warranty. 

Executive Retainer Searches

A flat rate of 25%, paid in three installments.  The first is within five days of signing the retainer search contract, the second within five days of selecting finalists, and the third within 30 days of the candidate starting.  Retainer searches have a 90-day replacement-only warranty. For more information, please get in touch with Brian Steffan at 703-944-5697.

Contact Recruiting

After four years, our contract recruiting division has become increasingly popular with small to mid-size businesses, especially government and defense contractors.  Our rate is $100 an hour, with a 35-hour minimum to start.

Executive Coaching

We provide employment coaching, resume creation, social media optimization, and interview training while searching for new opportunities

$450.00 per candidate

Please get in touch with Brian Steffan at 703-944-5697 or


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