Why use an agency?

Not Convinced that an agency is right for you? You will know after reading this!

There are many reasons why agencies are a great resource when looking for that perfect job, here are a few of them:

– Time

Searching for a new job can be time consuming. Let us take part of that burden off your back.

– Steffan & Company screens jobs for you and looks for the perfect fit based on your objectives
and desires in a new position, as well as your skill set.

We can send you out on one or two interviews and have you a new job with in days rather then weeks or months.

– Steffan & Company looks confidentially for you.

When you respond to an ad or online job search website you never know who you might be sending your resume to. Such as your present employer.
Don’t laugh it happens.

– In the Washington DC area 85% of all positions are handled through employment agencies and never advertised.

You can get into an amazing firm you might not otherwise.

What makes Steffan & Co., Incorporated different than other agencies?

We are not a factory

We are a small very stable agency with long-term clients and tenured staff so that every time you call you are speaking with a seasoned professional.

– We also interview very few people rather then a cattle call like so many agencies.

We prefer not waste anyone’s time, yours, the clients or ours. If we feel you fit a position well and it fits you, then we will bring you in for an interview. If not we keep your resume in our active files so when a position comes in we can contact you.

– You’re a person to us, not a placement.

We care about your needs, goals and future. We stay in contact with you long after we find you a position so that you know we care and we want you to succeed.

How to use an agency?

– Always start off on the right foot.

Put more then a home number on your resume so we can contact you faster. Don’t send your resume unless you are living here permanently and available to interview immediately. Employers won’t wait.

– Be honest about your background, tenure, dates, skills and references.

These days most firms do perform background checks.

– Treat the agency with the respect you would a future employer.

You have to pass our interview process before moving on to the client. Never use the phrase “Oh I would never say that on an interview. Your just the agency.” At this stage in the process, we are the client.

– Be open to constructive advice and interview skills training.

We have 20 years of experience interviewing. We might know a thing or two.

– Don’t hold an agency or a client hostage.

If an offer is made do not take more than 24 hours to make a decision. If you are waiting for another job then be honest and let the agency know so we can provide the client with other choices until you decide.

– Make sure you provide the agency with all information pertinent to employment.

Future days off, vacations, doctor’s appointments, etc., so that we can clear them before an offer is made.

– Above all allow an agency to be a partner with you and work exclusively with only one agency for a week or two.

If after that time they cannot find you a job then expand your search. If you are registered with more then one agency then chances are your resume has been sent all over town an then we just duplicate others efforts.