Why use an agency?

There are many reasons why agencies are a great resource when looking for that perfect job. Here are a few of them:

Time Management

Searching for a new job can be time-consuming. So let us take part of that burden off your back. Steffan & Co. Inc. will screen jobs for you and looks for the perfect fit based on your objectives and growth in a career move. Then, we will send you out on interviews and have you a new job within days rather than weeks or months.  We will never waste your time.

Firm Information

At Steffan & Co. Inc., we will provide you with comprehensive job descriptions, benefits information, and the firm hiring process to allow you to make an informed decision.

What makes Steffan & Co., Inc. different than other agencies?

We are not a factory but a small, highly successful agency with legacy clients and tenured staff. So that every time you contact us, you are speaking with a seasoned professional.  If we can be an excellent resource for you, we will customize a marketing plan to find you a great new job.  Most importantly, we are responsive and will update you on our progress.
You’re a person to us, not a placement, and we care about your needs, goals, and future. So we stay in contact with you long after we find you a position so that you know we care and we want you to succeed.


Job Locations