What is an agency?

What is an agency?

There are several types of agencies, from temporary to permanent and contingency to retainer based searches. Steffan & Co., Inc. is a contingency based direct-hire placement agency that also can provide executive searches for clients on a retainer and contract recruiting basis.

No fees are charged to a candidate looking for a job. Fees are paid by our client companies over and above your salary. The Urban Legend that if you go through an agency, a client will reduce your salary or they will pick the candidate without a fee, is simply not true. They pick the best candidate for the job which 93% of the time is through an agency. Why? Because you are better prepared, have more knowledge about the job and firm and have been provided valuable interview training by professionals.

How does an agency work?

How we at Steffan & Co., Inc. prefer to work is to have you email or call us that you are interested in a specific position or in using our agency. We then ask you to email a copy of your Word resume for us to review, and at the same time, we will send you a link to our online application. Once we receive it, we will send you our online testing from Assessment Solutions. When the testing is completed and provided your skills match the position or a similar position we have, we will schedule in for a one on one interview.

Interviewing is all done remotely now and by video for your safety and convenience.  Before the interview, please email a list of at least three supervisory references and any letters of recommendation you might have. We will interview you for about 30 minutes, where we will go over your resume, background and find out more about what you want in your next career move.

How long will it take?

We have placed candidates within 2 hours of meeting with us and as long as two years after meeting with us. It all depends on what we have open that fits your background and desires in a new position. We always keep you in our active database and will contact you when a job comes in. We understand how anxious one can become while waiting for a call, so please feel free to email us about the status of your application. It is the easiest and quickest way to reach us.

What happens when an interview is scheduled with the client?

Once you are scheduled with our client, we will plan a time for us to prepare you for interviewing with them. We will provide you with the address and names of who you will meet and ways of researching the firm so that you will have the most information before you walk in. We will give over interview questions and role-playing if necessary, to make you the most marketable candidate for that position.

Who handles an offer?

When a client is ready to make an offer, they will make it through SteffanCo.  We will negotiate the best salary and employment package for you as well and handle any pre-existing vacation dates, medical appointments, or other time off in your first six months of employment. Once the offer is confirmed, we present it to you for your review, approval and acceptance.

We check all your references, handle background checks and anything else a client may need to make you the best offer possible.